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Rwanda Safari

Basic Safety Tips for Rwanda Safari Goers

Basic Safety Tips for Rwanda Safari Goers

Rwanda Safari

Rwanda safaris are one kind of outdoor tours where you have to travel to different national game parks and other tourist sites. There are a lot of stuffs that need to be planned ahead before the traveler embarks on this kind of a tour. The traveler has to plan for local transportation, accommodation and entrances to the various destinations he/she is willing to visit. However nowadays, they are local tour operators that do the booking of accommodation, transportation and entries to the destination on behalf of the traveler. There are also some other requirement that may come in like the clothing, medication, camera and the guide maps but that is done personally and it is very easy to handle.

While on a Rwanda safari, there are tips one has to follow to enjoy and also be safe on his/her outdoor tour;

Loosen up your Rwanda Tour schedule; as a traveler, one has to keep his/her timetable flexible in order to overcome different uncontrollable uncertainties like breakdown of the car, heavy rains and security concerns that may arise. By loosening up your schedule helps the traveler not panic and thus enjoy what the trip brings him/her at that given time.

Avoid travelling at night – it is best for a visitor to avoid traveling at night in a foreign country most especially in the rural areas of Rwanda. it is very dangerous to travel at night as there might be animals crossing the road that may distract one while driving thus causing an accident. At times there might be robbers that may ambush one while driving in strange places at night. It is best for the visitor to travel in bold day light to be safe and also enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the Rwanda landscapes along the roads.

Own helpful travel books and maps of places to visit in Rwanda; Rwanda is always a foreign land to most visitors who come to enjoy the various attraction. It is better for one to read about the various attractions he/she is willing to encounter so that he/she has a hint on what to expect from the safari other than being surprised. It is also important to know the major cities and also the tourism amenities so that he/she does not look so foreign in the country.

Seek help from a local guide- most of the times, travelers reserve a safari with tour operators and the traveler has a fixed itinerary to follow and a driver guide is always there to guide him/his to the various destinations he/she wishes to encounter in Rwanda. but there are incidents where by a traveler is on a self guided tour, it is best for him/her to get a local tour guide in place that are very unfamiliar to him/her so that he/she can get to the best place attractions and also accommodation and food. The guides also ensure that the traveler is secure and also enjoy his/her trip to the fullest.

The tips above if followed leads a visitor to enjoy his/her Rwanda safari with maximum calmness and less handles.

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