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Rwanda is a landlocked country which lies on the eastern rim of the Albertine Rift, a western arm of the Great Rift Valley. It is blessed with tremendous geographical and natural beauty. Part of this beauty is because of the unique flora and fauna that exists in the forests. The valleys and mountain peaks of the country combine with the skyline to produce captivating moods for travelers to Rwanda. Safari holidays in Rwanda and tours across the country lead visitors to see the majestic mountain gorillas in the wild at Parc National Des Volcanoes and Chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Travelers can view flocks of migratory birds in Nyungwe Forest, Albertine Rift basin, etc. Experience all this and more as you journey across the country on a Rwanda wildlife holiday.

Best Safaris in Rwanda

Bird Watching Tours

If you are a curious bird watcher, bird watching tours in Rwanda are the best way for you to get close to the most amazing and stunning bird species of the country. Carry your camera with you and click some rare pictures of these colorful species amidst their melodious chirping. Bird sanctuaries such Nyungwe Forest and the Albertine Rift are some of the famous bird reserves which you must visit on a bird watching tour in Rwanda. Visitors cannot also miss to catch a glimpse of the rare acacia species including the Tabora Cisticola, Red-Faced Barbet, Black and Familiar Chats, Bennett`S Woodpecker, White-Headed, White-Winged and Broad-Tailed Warbler and Miombo Wren-Warbler.a

Gorilla Safaris

The mountain gorillas are perhaps the top safari attraction of Rwanda. Tracking of these rare primates is done within Nyungwe Forest and the Pac National Des Volcanoes. Gorilla tracking can take up to eight hours because; you will have to walk through dense forest, swamps and hills. The mountain gorillas are one of the most endangered species in the world with a number shrinking to 700 mountain gorillas. The long dry season from June to September presents the best moment to go on Gorilla tracking safari. During this time, the ground is dry enabling easy walks in the dense forest. 92 permits are issued a day for tracking the primates and each permit goes for US$1500 per person.

Photographic Safaris

Photographic safaris in Rwanda are special types of safari led by professional photographers who are well acquainted with the best shooting spots in their area. Life all types of photography you’ll need patience and a little luck to get those images of a lifetime. But having an expert along will certainly help your chances. Wildlife photography requires special skills so if you’re serious about your photography, you should opt for one of these safaris.

Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife safaris in Rwanda offer an extremely captivating opportunity to savor wildlife tour with various national parks in the country. The best national parks in Rwanda for wildlife safari tours are Akagera National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park and Pac National Des Volcanoes. You will not only love these tailor-made wildlife holidays in Rwanda but will also keep coming back to Rwanda to re-visit these places. After all wildlife in Rwanda has a class of its own.

Cultural Tours

Rwanda is one country that is teeming with unique vibrancy cultures. This diversity in culture has made the country a very popular cultural tourist destination. Cultural tourism in Rwanda has always attracted travelers from all over the world. It includes various facets like architectural heritage, food, festivals, religion, languages, fashion, dance, and music. Traditional dances and music are amazing in their unique style and movement of the performers.

Other Safaris in Rwanda
– Hiking Safaris
– Chimpanzee Tracking