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One of the most interesting and popular attractions in Nyungwe Forest is the Nyungwe canopy walk. The canopy walkway gives visitors a unique perspective of the tree canopy of Nyungwe Forest. The view from the suspended bridge also enables visitors to get above the tree canopies in order to get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding forest. The canopy walkway was created in 2010 by the Rwanda Development Board as a of improving access to the unique habitat of Nyungwe forest to a broader audience.

In 2019, Nyungwe’s canopy walkway was named the Best Canopy Walkway in the world by Lonely Planet. This is not a small feat as there were many other great and unique walkways in the world such as Singapore’s OCBC Skyway and Montverde Sky Walk in Costa Rica. The Lonely Planet motivates the true rainforest with its 13 primate species and the endless number of birds and butterflies as part of the motivation to the number one spot.

Erected Nyungwe Canopy

The 160m long and 70m high suspension bridge is accessible as part of the Igishigishigi hiking trail . The canopy walkway is located close to Uwinka Visitor Center in the center of the forest. This is where the camping and headquarters of Nyungwe Forest is located. Just like all other activities in the park you need to be accompanied by a guide. Guides and entrance fee can be organized and paid at Uwinka on arrival, but ideally you should contact the headquarters ahead of time in order to make sure that guides are available upon arrival.

The canopy walkway is best enjoyed during an early morning walk when the weather is generally better and risk of rain lower. Many birds and other animals are also active during this time. The trails that lead to the canopy walkway can also be combined with hikes to other interesting places such as Kamiranzovu swamp. For more information ask your guide or contact Nyungwe Headquarters.

Contact Information and Booking

Nyungwe National Park is managed by African Parks in Cooperation with the Rwandan Government and Rwanda Development Board.

Pre booking is not always necessary but is strongly advised.

 Good to know:

  • Raincoats, boots and walking sticks are available from the reception
  • All Nyungwe hikes are classified as hiking in protected area/National Park.
  • Animals live in their natural habitat
  • Guide and permit are needed

Most of the websites and contacts about Nyungwe Forest online are not official park websites and the information is sometimes wrong and not reliable.