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Did you know that you can now get Rwanda visa on arrival? Unlike before, today obtaining Rwanda has become a little bit easier as you can now obtain one upon arrival. For any plans to visit a foreign country like, you realize that you are required to have a visa. Majority of global travelers have adopted the modern system of travel whose rate of demand in the travel market is highly increasing in East Africa. Visa is a global travel document that permits a traveller to enter and stay in the country. It is important to obtain one as it helps to connect consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments from various regions into one geographical center.

For visitors visiting this magical country mainly for tourism, note that the East African Tourism Platform (EATP) has played its role and collaborated with the visa expertise to promote intra and inter regional tourism in East Africa. This means a visitor can obtain a single visa and enjoy the gift of geographical beauty in the whole of the East African countries. Currently, global travelers are looking at the East African territories as an optional holiday destination especially for the safaris which is one of the top tourist activities in countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Visa is used in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

All visitors taking a safari to Rwanda are required to have a Rwanda visa except those from countries with existing bilateral agreements for example the UK, Germany, Sweden, USA, Hong Kong, Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa Tanzania and Uganda.  Citizens from above mentioned countries can visit Rwanda without a Visa for at least a period of 90 days. Whereas the rest of countries that are not included in the above list, they can be issued with entry visa valid for a period up to 30 days and they are required to pay for a visa at a $30 or $60 upon arrival without prior application depending on the place of issue.

For the case of East African Community Partner states nationals’ are issued with 6 months visitors pass that is renewable upon arrival of the visitor without any cost.

While the rest of the citizens in African countries traveling to or transiting through Rwanda, are required to obtain entry visa upon their arrival without necessarily making prior visa application. However, the visitor may be required to pay $30 if necessary.

If you wish to take a flight, you can be issued a visa at Kigali airport on arrival. However, visitors can also access visas at overland borders.

For those of you with no Rwandese embassy, you can obtain visas on arrival by prior arrangement with their hosts, who can arrange a facilitate de’ entrée. If a visitor is planning to hire a vehicle while in the country, he or she will organize an international driving license through one of the main motoring associations in a country in which a visitor is licensed to drive, and he or she may be asked to produce it together with the original license.

In addition, there are many classes of visa that a visitor who intends to enter may choose from. Visitors with travel intentions for tourism can obtain a tourist visa and the maximum and minimum period of validity information will be indicated for each class for application.

However, it is advisable that visitors give details of all their identification information, photocopy them and distribute a copy into their luggage, money-belt and leave other copies with their reachable relatives and friends. Visitors should also  make sure that their identification information includes travelers’ cheque numbers and refund information, travel insurance policy details and 24-hour emergency contact number, passport number, details of relatives or friends to be contacted in an emergency, bank and credit card details, camera and lens serial numbers. It is also very important that visitors include the email and contact information of their destination, company, organization or friends and family. All these are meant for visitor’s personal identification and security reasons if at all things fail!

To apply for the Rwanda visa, the traveler can visit the Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration on line application or http://www.migration.gov.rw/

Other significant information to consider; Burundi Visas costs US$40 for one month single entry; travelers need to know that check on the security situation can be carefully done before crossing the Burundi border just for visitors’ safety in the destination. The visas are obtainable on the border.

Democratic Republic of Congo For land crossings to Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, eight-day visas are available at Bukavu or Goma for US$35.

Kenya Visas will cost visitors US$50 or the equivalent in local currency, and they need to possess two photographs and the visas are issued on the same day if a visitor applies before 11.30am. However, visas are also available on arrival.

Tanzania Visas require visitors to have two photos and it takes 24 hours to issue the visa to the visitors. The cost depends on nationality.

Uganda Visas cost US$30, also needs the visitor to have two photos and they are issued within 24 hours. However, it is far easier to get them at the border on arrival.

Land in to East Africa and travel happy with visa as you enjoy all sights and sounds the East African countries have to offer with convenience of your visa!